Monday, May 23, 2011

Why I've been m.i.a.

And, so, so busy. The Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival was this past weekend and, even if I do say so, it was fabulous. We had many, many new vendors and big crowds. By mid-day on Saturday we had surpassed last year's total attendance figures. Not bad, for only our second year. On Thursday, I was having serious doubts about trying to work on the planning board and be a vendor. It is a peculiar form of madness for me to think I can manage all that. I could hardly sleep most of the nights running up to the festival. I kept having to turn the light on and write down items on my list of Things I Must Not Forget To Do!

The highlight for me was hosting Susan B. Anderson. She is the most genuinely sweet and thoughtful person you would ever hope be around. The folks who took her workshop were so thrilled and happy to meet her in person. There were some who drove here from several states away, just to spend a few hours with her. We were honored to have her as our special guest instructor. Even more fun for me, was being able to show her the very first fiber festival she had ever experienced. Am I a good enabler, or what?

Today is like waking up after a long, complicated dream, with that feeling of "where am I?" We had to pack the trailer in a big rush because of an impending severe storm at the closing of the festival and when we arrived home, I was so tired, things mainly got dumped in the studio and left. This morning it was a daunting sight! So, I'm slowly sorting my way through it all and trying to regain a sense of order and calm in my space.

I'll have more to report on the festival in the next few days, but meanwhile, for the girls who went with me........well, it's business as usual.


  1. Loved seeing you this weekend. Had so much fun in Susan's class she was a delight. Thank you for bringing her to our neck of the woods. If you need help getting things put back in order let me know I'll be happy to lend a hand. I am thinking seriously about animals for the farm when you get your breath maybe we can do lunch and I can get your thoughts on a few things. Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. I saw pictures someone posted on facebook. One way or another I'm getting down there next year. It looked like a fabulous event!

  3. I am so glad U had a great festival.....hopefully all the logistics went great ! Texas is so far away but love to hear all the news !

    Love to see llamas in barn....lambs,cat, & peacock make a sneek-a-boo !

  4. Looks like it was a really great time. Congrats!