Thursday, July 7, 2011

Down, up and they're off.....

Once in a while,  I look out in the field and see something like the scene above.  My first thought is, "Oh no, there's a ewe down.  Is she dead ?".   How, I ask you,  could this possibly be a comfortable napping position?  Wouldn't you have a permanent kink in your neck if you tried sleeping like this?  Usually I clap my hands or yell or watch for a twitching ear.  This time I walked right up to her  before Gabby roused herself.   Two seconds later............she's up and back to business as usual.

(that's my good girl, Olive, in the middle)

After a very, very slow start, my Tour de Fleece challenge has finally left the starting line.  I'm going to have to spend some quality time at my Hansen mini-spinner to catch up.  I probably should have skipped the competition this year, but it feels good to have an excuse a reason to spin during the day,  even though there are many other things I should be doing.  There is so much stuff going on around here right now,  I set a pretty wimpy goal for myself  ( to spin enough of my wool/alpaca roving to knit a vest or maybe a sweater---depending on how it goes ).  So, if I complete the spinning part, I'll start knitting.  That's presuming I can manage to pick out a pattern by then !  Never have I felt so unmotivated for a challenge,  but maybe once I get the first few hills behind me,  that will change.

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