Friday, July 15, 2011

Near the finish line

I've made good progress on my Tour de Fleece efforts, in spite of taking my two rest days at the very beginning of the race.  I've managed to put in a little time at the mini-spinner every day since and have spun 2 lbs. 7 oz. of singles, which I'm in the process of plying.  The Hansen Mini-spinner has a huge bobbin, which I love.  Combine the size of the bobbin with the Woolly Winder and you can really pack some fiber on there.  The first plied bobbin was 314 yards of worsted weight and I have enough singles spun to have about 1000 yards of two-ply yarn.  I'm now thinking I might like a cardigan, rather than a vest, and I'll most likely spin another bobbin full.  So, it looks as though I'll make it across the finish line.  I'm not sure I deserve a medal this year, even though I met my goal.  It doesn't feel like I've been dedicated enough, especially when I see the efforts and discipline this spinner and this one are putting into the race.

I certainly haven't broken any records this year,  but the best thing about the Tour de Fleece is that it gives me permission to take time for spinning every day, which I don't often do.  I tend to tell myself I need to finish the laundry, the ironing, the mowing or whatever before I can take time to do something I love (which is lame, I know) .   I'm going to try to improve on that attitude......that's a goal I really need to reach.


  1. WHAT?!? I haven't even spun up four ounces total of fiber yet; I have done NOTHING compared to what you've accomplished!!! (Thanks for the nod, though :-)

  2. I went to the lamb cam when I got back from Louisville and was surprised to see one of the sheep up futzing around at 1am. I guess I assumed they all got in a little pile and snuggled in together all night. I obviously know nothing about sheep life. Clearly they are up partying at 1am on a friday night.

  3. I know what you mean. What the heck are we thinking?!? :-/