Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holiday ?

Someone told me that this past weekend was a holiday ! Huh?  We missed that bit of information here on the farm.  It was just work, work, work, pretty much daylight til dark.  And, who was the wise guy who wrote that song, "Summertime and the livin' is easy...."?  Our theme song around here runs more along the lines of, "I've been working on the railroad all the live-long day...".  Mike spent 20+ hours on the big tractor, mowing all the fields and I spent all of that time trying to find the actual perennials in the perennial beds and working in the vegetable garden.

( don't you just love the expression on the bunny's face?)

Grand-daughter, Mia, was here from Friday until Sunday,  so we did have semi-regular meals for a change.  Nothing like having a small child around to make you consider having dinner earlier than 10 pm!

And, least you think I have my vegetable garden under control (well, except for maybe the walkways. I'm working on it).......this is the other half.  In my defense, I've been begging Mike for at least 10 years to enclose the raised beds and this year,  we are finally making some progress.  We're half way done .  Nothing like having a wedding at the farm to get things done.  I highly recommend it.


  1. I don't know who is cuter - Phoebe or Mia! Phoebe's coat sure has grown a lot in just the short time since you posted the last picture of her.

  2. Your garden is beatiful! (as is your grandaughter!) (are we supposed to be eating before 10?)

  3. Oh, they are both so cute! Can't believe how big Phoebe's grown already.

  4. Good to see the bun-bun, Phoebe is such a hit. She sure has grown! Have to admit, I have a thing for The Vintage Fibers booth. Would love have one of her bunnies;)