Tuesday, April 21, 2009


That's what my girls (with a little help from Buddy, way back 5 months ago) have done in the last two weeks. A 250% lamb crop is pretty outstanding in any one's book. The last ewe lambed around noon on Sunday and produced a set of triplets. The final count is 9 ram lambs and 6 ewe lambs.

Last year I had 20 ewes lambing and it seemed to go on forever. This year, with only 6 ewes, was a walk in the park, comparatively speaking. I'm very happy with the quality and health of the lambs and I believe I've gotten the type of fleece I've been breeding towards the last few years. Now I have the fun of watching the lambs run and jump and play. I always try to keep a straw bale in the middle of the pen for the lambs to use for their games of "King on the Mountain" and for jumping practice. It draws them like a magnet and gives them something to climb on besides their poor, long-suffering mother's back. (Sorry about the poor lighting. It's hard to get much light in the barn at that time of day.)


  1. Great job, glad it went so smoothly for you this year!

  2. Does that mean all the boys will (gulp) end up you know where?

    How many sheep do you have in all now? It seems like you used to have MANY, but just breeding a few now must be lots less stressful! Relatively speaking, since so many had multiple births.....