Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not yet....

That's right. No lambs yet. I sure wish these ewes would just get on with it already! But,looking at them, I know they wish it even more.

This has been a busy week, so far and it doesn't look as though it will ease up. Monday was shearing day at Lindy's (Seldom Scene Farm) and she graciously allowed me to bring my little gang of alpaca boys and Strawberry and Pippi. Lindy had about 90 alpacas to do and she had a long, long day of it. She uses a team of specialists and they are so efficient and fast, I had to scramble to get the "blanket" of fleece I wanted from each of my animals picked up and bagged before the shearers were on to the next animal. (The blanket is the fleece from around the middle of their bodies--generally the leg wool is not kept.) And, even better, they trimmed toenails and even Strawberry's teeth, while they were at it! I'm sure Lindy will have a great post on all this when she gets a chance. The above picture is of the boys waiting their turn and then here's the after. Such a difference. (And those impossibly skinny necks!)

And look at Strawberry and Pippi. Can you believe the markings on Pippi and how big she looks now? I hadn't intended to shear Pippi this time, but she has a habit of reclining under the hay feeder while her mother eats and so her coat was already trashed. Oh well, maybe next year.

Shearing for the yearlings should happen this weekend and then we will be finished with that for a while. It always feels so good to get shearing behind me. Then I can re-focus. Next on the list---the garden.

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  1. That before and after is so excellent. I am sorry about your cat, that is so hard.

    I love that heathery granny square piece, so pretty. I plan on pulling out my granny square afghan this summer, too. Maybe we can spur each other on.

    Take care, love your blog!