Monday, April 27, 2009

The Grannie

Just a little barn scene today. The black ewe lying there with lambs climbing all over her and chewing on her ears is Carmen. Carmen is the last of a line going back to a favorite Romney ewe from early in my shepherding life. She is quite old and arthritic, but seems to enjoy (or at least tolerates gracefully) having the lambs use her as part of their exercise routine. She hasn't had babies for a while, but serves as a sort of grannie while the lambs are still nursing their mothers and then acts as a comforting adult presence when they are separated from their mothers at weaning time. It's not uncommon to find three or four lambs snuggled up beside her napping. She's such a sweet old girl, not at all crabby like old ladies are supposed to be.

My husband likes to point out that this is a clear sign we aren't raising sheep to make money. You don't make money when you keep old sheep around strictly for sentimental reasons. Is there a problem with that? (Not for me!)


  1. Oh, Dianne, this is a wonderful video. Carmen is worth every dime you spend to pension her.

  2. This is really precious! A good reminder that I need to do a follow-up video, "The Nanny", with a special alpaca that we have... watch for it soon!