Thursday, April 23, 2009

From a tiny seed

A few years back (maybe 4 or 5), my oldest grandson, Coleman (he's now 13), brought a seedling to the farm and asked if we could plant it. Turns out, the seedling had grown from an apple seed, from an apple that came from the grocery store. Honestly, I didn't think it had much chance of surviving, but I planted it out by my garden shed, where I could keep an eye on it and water it, if need be. Last week I was adding some bedding from the chicken house to the compost pile and happened to glance at Coleman's tree. It is now about 9-10 feet tall and, for the first time, it has blooms on it! I'm so excited about this little tree producing fruit. It never would have occurred to me to start an apple tree from a grocery store apple seed. Coleman can't remember what kind of apple the seed came from, so it will be fun to see what the little tree produces.


  1. THAT is very inspiring! We have some pear trees on our farm that are around 100 years old that a man came through selling as seedlings (almost 100 years ago from what we hear)! It's neat to think that Coleman can point to that tree many years from now as it grows and produces and know that he had a hand in it being there!

  2. Very cool! You never know, if it were a hybrid or something, it might revert back and you might get something that you can't even find in a grocery store anymore :-).

  3. That is the best tree ever, hands-down. So cool that the tree is doing so well.

    Love the rainbow shot. Sounds like you've been busy with the animals.

    Take care.

  4. Glad the tree has blooms on it. Can't wait to find the variety