Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Want to feel under-appreciated? Want a job that is good for someone else and will make them feel better, but leave you feeling as though you just had a workout? How about having to pin your patient up against the side of his pen and hold on for dear life while you administer treatment? Not so much, huh? Me neither, but that is what I'm doing several times a day right now (and the thermometer in the barn read 5 degrees this morning). Our man Henry has a nasty abscess on the top of his head (ick!). How he got it, I do not know. In any case, when I first discovered it, he was one sick boy. Now that he's had a few days of antibiotic, he's feeling much perkier and stronger! Oh man, he does not like having warm Epsom salt compresses applied to his poor head! I can distract him for a few minutes by feeding him grain, but then, hold on because the boy doesn't want to stand still for this foolishness. I'm trying to remember that this is a good sign....that he's feeling better and the antibiotics are working. I'm hoping I won't need treatment when it's all over!

(I call this his "Go ahead. Make my day" look, but he's really a pretty sweet guy.)


  1. I am so glad he's feeling better...what a cute hairdo :-)

  2. We have just added some Cotsies to our small flock & will have pure breed lambs in Feb. But, we also used the ram on a Lincoln/Romney X ewe so I'm thinking of calling the lambs Linromswolds.

    Before becoming a shepherd, I was a wound nurse (for people) and the key to successful healing (other than antibiotics) is keeping that wound open, so your hot packs are the way to go. Good thing he's a nice boy :)

    Good luck...Marianne